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Construction Site Security

Aim High Security is experienced in working with building and construction firms keeping their site safe and secure. There is no secret that construction sites are often most at risk of theft, damage and vandalism, they are often seen as easy targets. The fact that insurance companies will often refuse to insure sites without having any provision of manned security in place shows just how important an on-site officer can be. Our construction security officers are trained to not only detect risks and prevent damage but also to keep your equipment, workers and site safe.

Our team of highly experience and qualified security experts who will visit your site and carry out a detailed survey and risk assessment so we can fully understand the potential threats and dangers. Using this information we will create an in-depth and detailed personalised security plan for your site, addressing health and safety, environmental and criminal risks.

We work closely with the site management team to minimise risks and insure procedures we put in place are being followed, ensuring your site and assets are given a high level of protection.